Your fully equipped dry eye clinic in Melbourne

Dry eyes can range from a mild, short-lived irritation to severe pain and discomfort that significantly affects your quality of life. As a dry eye specialist in Melbourne, Dr Anton van Heerden and his team of highly trained clinicians understand this, which is why we established our state-of-the-art dry eye clinic for Melbourne patients.

Do you have dry eyes?

Dry eyes may not always present in an obvious way. In addition to the noticeable sensation of the eyes feeling dry, dry eyes may also cause symptoms such as grittiness, redness, feeling tired after reading or using the computer, the sensation of a foreign particle in the eye, blurry or fluctuating vision, and even a watery eye.

Our dry eye centre in Melbourne is equipped with the latest technology to not only diagnose your dry eye but also to formulate a targeted treatment to provide you with effective relief. If you’re looking for an experienced dry eye specialist in Melbourne, call us now for an examination with Dr van Heerden.

Dry Eye Treatment

Our Melbourne eye doctors are experienced in diagnosing and treating dry eyes, utilising the latest in dry eye therapies. Your comprehensive examination will consider factors that are contributing to your dry eye, such as blepharitis, meibomian gland dysfunction, or poor eyelid function. Our dry eye experts will use tests such as diagnostic dyes, eyelid gland imaging, and tear osmolarity measurements.

By using lubricant eye drops as a conventional dry eye treatment, many Melbourne patients are able to find relief, however, for some this may not be enough.
Our dry eye clinic in Melbourne is equipped with advanced therapies to manage severe and stubborn dry eye cases. Depending on your degree and type of dry eye, Dr van Heerden and his associate eye specialists may use revolutionary treatments such as:

  • IPL (intense pulsed light)
  • LLLT (low-level light therapy)
  • Lipiflow
  • Resono Eye Resonance
  • BlephEx

The management plan for your dry eye will be based on the results of your eye examination so that our specialist can recommend your personalised, targeted treatments. In addition to in-office therapies, our experienced doctors can discuss how to make environmental and lifestyle modifications that help to further alleviate your dry eye.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does treatment at your dry eye clinic in Melbourne cost?
The fees for dry eye therapy with Dr van Heerden will depend on which treatments are recommended for you, such as if you require in-office treatment or whether your dry eyes can be sufficiently managed with lubricant eye drops. Your first examination with Dr van Heerden will allow us to determine an appropriate, personalised treatment plan for you, after which we will be able to more accurately quote on costs.
What causes dry eye?
Dry eye can be caused by a myriad of factors. Underlying contributing reasons to dry eye can include certain medications, certain systemic diseases, environmental factors such as heating or cooling, or habits such as not closing the eyelids completely when blinking. Some people are simply more prone to dry eyes than others, due to their physiology.
Is there anything I can try right now to help my dry eyes?
Most patients who come under the care of Dr van Heerden for dry eyes have already exhausted their options for conventional dry eye treatment. There are many lubricant eye drops, also known as artificial tear supplements, available off the shelf at supermarkets and pharmacies, that may provide temporary relief. Some patients find the use of warm compresses helps to alleviate their dry eyes. Dry eyes that do not respond sufficiently to these home remedies are encouraged to see Dr van Heerden at his dry eye clinic.
Will I be able to drive after my dry eye treatments?
Your vision will be largely unaffected by your treatment at our dry eye clinic. You may experience some very mild blurring as some of the therapies involve the loosening of clogged oils and debris around the eyelids, which may then find their way into the tear film before being removed by the natural blinking process. However, this is unlikely to affect your vision to the point of being unable to drive or immediately return to your usual activities.
Can I wear my contact lenses to my appointment?
You may wear either your glasses or contacts to your appointment. Dr van Heerden may wish to assess how your contact lenses are contributing to your dry eye, but any treatments will need to be conducted with your lenses removed.
Can I still have laser eye surgery if I have dry eyes?
The presence of dry eyes will be a factor your eye specialist must take into consideration when assessing your suitability for laser eye surgery. Certain refractive surgery techniques are better for patients with pre-existing dry eye, such as SMILE surgery or ICL. If you are interested in refractive surgery, you will undergo a thorough eye examination, during which your eye doctor can advise you on which type of procedure is best for you.

To see Dr Anton van Heerden at his dry eye clinic, call us now.