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About Dr Anton van Heerden

Training and qualifications

Dr Anton van Heerden completed his extensive specialist training in South Africa and England before establishing himself as a reputable eye specialist in Melbourne in 2008. His training encompasses the management of various eye conditions, including cataracts, retinal disease, and refractive procedures. In addition to attaining a medical retina fellowship at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital (RVEEH), Dr van Heerden has also completed a further specialist study, holding a Diploma of Cataract and Refractive Surgery through the University of Sydney.

He holds memberships and fellowships of both local and international professional bodies, including the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (FRANZCO), the Royal College of Ophthalmologists in London (MRCOphth), and the World College of Refractive Surgery & Visual Sciences.

Training and Qualification

Research Involvement

As a part of Dr van Heerden’s commitment to providing his services as a comprehensive eye specialist in Melbourne at the leading edge of developments, he continues to be involved in various research projects, including:

The CLEAR study

As the principal specialist, Dr van Heerden was the first eye surgeon in Melbourne and Australia to implant a fluid-based accommodating intraocular lens during cataract extraction.

Developing a new intraocular lens mathematical formula

With another eye doctor, Dr van Heerden developed a highly accurate formula, used to calculate intraocular lens selection for cataract surgery.

The FLUID study:

Dr van Heerden was involved as the principal eye doctor in a trial assessing intravitreal treatment regimens for age-related macular degeneration at the Alfred Hospital.

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Current Clinical Appointments:

In addition to practising as an ophthalmologist in Melbourne private practice, Dr Anton van Heerden is the former Head of Unit of Surgical Ophthalmology Services at the RVEEH. He also continues to perform eye surgery through the public system at the RVEEH.

Dr van Heerden is a director and lead ophthalmologist in his Melbourne practices – Eye Laser Specialists, Armadale Eye Clinic, and Mornington Peninsula Eye Clinic. He is able to care for:

refractive surgery

Refractive procedures, including LASIK, PRK, intraocular contact lenses, refractive lens exchange, and SMILE. These eye procedures are performed at Eye Laser Specialists, our Melbourne practice installed with the latest laser technology.

cataract surgery

Cataract operations, even for complex and difficult cases. With his extensive experience in this eye procedure, Dr van Heerden provides you with the best possible vision outcomes.

glaucoma management

Management of glaucoma, including minimally invasive surgery (MIGS) for suitable patients. Dr van Heerden and his team provide the dedicated long-term ongoing care needed to achieve optimal glaucoma control.

medical retina

Treatment of other eye conditions. Dr van Heerden is able to manage and treat retinal diseases such as macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, as well as dry eye syndrome.

With conveniently located eye clinics across Melbourne, Dr Anton van Heerden provides personalised care for you and your vision. His extensive experience in general ophthalmology and advanced training in cataract and refractive procedures means your vision is in good hands.

Your eyes are unique and so is the way you use them.

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