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Dr Anton van Heerden brings his expertise in refractive procedures to offer ICL eye surgery to the Melbourne community. Short for implantable contact lens or implantable collamer lens, Melbourne patients looking for freedom from glasses and contacts will be happy to find they are in good hands with Dr van Heerden and his team at Eye Laser Specialists.

What is ICL?

For some Melbourne patients, traditional eye laser procedures such as LASIK are not always suitable. In these cases, ICL surgery for these Melbourne clients could be the perfect option for clear vision free from the inconvenience of glasses and contact lenses.

ICL eye surgery at our Melbourne clinic involves the insertion of an artificial lens implant between the iris and the lens of the eye. This is like having a contact lens surgically implanted in the eye, which is why ICL is also known as an implantable contact lens. Melbourne patients are invited to book their initial consultation with Dr van Heerden today.


The ICL Procedure

Surgery for ICL in our Melbourne practice is performed at our state-of-the-art clinic at Eye Laser Specialists. Though not all refractive ophthalmologists offer ICL surgery in Melbourne, Dr van Heerden’s extensive experience and his commitment to making glasses-free clear vision accessible to as many as possible means we have equipped our practice to be able to provide this.

Prior to any surgical procedure, you will undergo a thorough assessment with our ophthalmology team. This is primarily to ensure you are suitable for ICL surgery. An implantable collamer lens is a great option for patients whose eyes may be ineligible for other popular laser eye surgery procedures, including LASIK, PRK, or SMILE surgery. There are various reasons this may occur, such as in the presence of very high prescriptions and insufficient corneal thickness.

In conjunction with the insertion of the implantable collamer lens, Dr van Heerden may perform a quick laser procedure known as an iridotomy. This is to widen the space between the iris and the lens. The ICL is then inserted into this space through a keyhole incision in the cornea. The result is clear, crisp vision without the need for glasses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What prescriptions can be treated with an ICL?
A great benefit of ICL for our Melbourne patients is that it is able to correct prescriptions that may be beyond the range of other laser eye surgery techniques, especially when accounting for the minimum corneal thickness required for those methods. ICL surgery can correct prescriptions of higher than -10.00 dioptres of short-sightedness (myopia), as well as high levels of astigmatism and long-sightedness (hyperopia).
Does the insertion of the implantable contact lens hurt?
During the procedure your eye will be thoroughly numbed with a local anaesthetic so you will not feel the keyhole incision being made in your cornea. As the ICL is being inserted through this incision you may feel the sensation of slight pressure but there will be no notable pain or discomfort. After your surgery, there may be some mild grittiness and irritation of the eye as the cornea heals, but this will quickly resolve. You will not be able to feel the ICL sitting in the eye.
How long does it take to recover from ICL surgery?
Dr van Heerden’s skill and expertise in refractive surgery contribute to a quick and smooth procedure with as little disruption to the eye as possible. In general, you can expect excellent vision immediately after the ICL has been implanted but over the following weeks, your eye will continue to heal. Depending on the healing response of your body, you may feel comfortable driving and return to work as soon as a day or two after your procedure.
How much does the ICL procedure cost?
The fees for your ICL surgery are best discussed after you have completed your initial consultation and assessment. The cost of your procedure will be affected by whether Dr van Heerden needs to perform a laser iridotomy to widen the space for the ICL to fit – this can only be determined after you have undergone your comprehensive initial examination. We accept most forms of payment at Eye Laser Specialists, including payment plans, and can process all private health funds through HICAPS.
Will having an implantable contact lens mean I will never need glasses or regular contact lenses again?
The insertion of an ICL will provide you with clear, unaided long-distance vision. However, due to the natural changes to the eye’s near focusing ability as we age, known as presbyopia, eventually, you will find you prefer to wear reading glasses for close vision. Eligible patients who are looking for a surgical option to address presbyopia may be able to pursue Presbyond laser blended vision.
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Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.